TBANSW Disability Teams Announcement

By Matt Stevens
March 1, 2021

Congratulations to the bowlers that have been selected for the 2021 TBA NSW State Disability Teams.

TBANSW will have two teams that will be competing in the Open Cup and Cole Cup of the 2021 National Disability Championships which will be held between the 9th -19th June 2021 at ZONE BOWLING Mt Gravatt in Queensland.


2021 TBA NSW State Disability Open Team

  • Kallan Strong: (AE 1760) (Pinfall 1760) – OPEN DISABILITY
  • Mitchell Meares: (AE 1548) (Pinfall 1548) – OPEN DISABILITY
  • Ben Barber: (AE 1405) (Pinfall 1405) – OPEN DISABILITY
  • Christopher Parkes: (AE 1388) (Pinfall 1388) – OPEN DISABILITY
  • Michael Parkes: (1293) Pinfall (1293) – OPEN DISABILITY
  • Reanna Skora-Corbett: (AE 1283) (Pinfall 1283) – OPEN DISABILITY
  • Dianne Demello: (AE 1281) (Pinfall 1281) – OPEN DISABILITY
  • AJ Adrian Smith: (AE 1174) (Pinfall 1174) – OPEN DISABILITY

2021 TBA NSW State Disability Cole Cup Team

  • Katelyn Smith: (AE 1109) (AE+HCP 2279) (HCP 1170) – COLE CUP
  • Joshua Smith: (AE 1095) (AE+HCP 2058) (HCP 963) – COLE CUP
  • Matthew Llyod: (AE 1316) (AE+HCP 2000) (HCP 684) – COLE CUP
  • Renee Waters: (AE 1160) (AE+HCP 1925) (HCP 765) – COLE CUP
  • Harry Woodhouse: (AE 1268) (AE+HCP 1907) (HCP 639) – COLE CUP
  • Scott Mitchell: (AE 1068) (AE+HCP 1896) (HCP 810) – COLE CUP
  • Michael Wade: (AE 1021) (AE+HCP 1876) (HCP 855) – COLE CUP
  • Frances Cetinich: (AE 1027) (AE+HCP 1837) (HCP 810) – COLE CUP

As per TBA NSW State Championship and State Team Roll Off’s event rules – All state teams shall have two reserves in the event of a bowler withdrawing from the team. Two bowlers have been activated as reserves for the State Cole Cup team – Ian Charlesworth and Rod Bradborn.

Congratulations to the bowlers on their selections into the teams. It is great reward for hard work and consistent effort.

We are incredibly proud of the individual bowlers’ achievements and wish them all the very best in representing the state of NSW and making our state proud!

We will be in touch with the selected members soon with further details.

If you have any questions related to these teams, please contact Jalen Timms at [email protected]


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