TBA NSW State Disabilities Sub-Committee Reform

April 13, 2021

As a sport, we acknowledge and respect our centres and affiliated key stakeholders as our sport’s lifeblood. The TBA NSW State Disabilities sub-committee is a critical group that have officially reformed for assistance in the disability sector.

The re-invigoration and re-launch of this tenpin bowling NSW committee association and representative body will be a positive tool for change. Boasting over ten decades worth of collective tenpin bowling, disability, inclusion sector, and internal industry experience from across our sport and NSW community will ensure our disability programs and pathways have strong representation and the ability to thrive and excel truly.

Our overarching vision and core objective aligned with state and national targets will connect grassroots to the elite tier of our sport. Other key goals and strategic pillar principles include re-connecting and re-engaging previous members and participants with tenpin bowling, growing and further developing existing relationships with registered members and bowlers from across the NSW state landscape.

Disability and inclusion are critical strategic pillars across our sport identified in TBA’s three-year national strategic plan (2020-2023). The need to provide a unified and consistent voice for inclusion will ensure our sport is well set up and positioned to accelerate continued growth into the future.

Key members of the TBA NSW State Disabilities Sub-Committee are listed below. These members will fill roles ranging across both strategy and operations to oversee membership, participation, and state pathways portfolio outcomes;

  • Susanne Charlesworth
  • Lesley Constable
  • Carol Farmer
  • Anna Peters
  • Oscar Aranda
  • Sharon Aranda
  • Annette Seymour

If you have any questions regarding the TBA NSW State Disabilities Sub-Committee, please contact NSW Sports Development Manager Jalen Timms at [email protected]