TBA NSW State Advisory Committee

By Matt Stevens
February 11, 2021

Who and what is the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee?

Established in December 2020, The TBA NSW State Advisory Committee is a state leadership structure made up of various members from across the Tenpin Bowling community. The Committee is devoted to providing high-level support, leadership, and direction across several essential sporting and organisational portfolio areas.

Some of these critical areas include the following:

  • Event Championships Planning
  • Member and Stakeholder Engagement, Retention, & Growth
  • Strategic Planning
  • Commercial Operations

The overarching objective for the committee is to carry out a board of management implementation process to establish a NSW state association structure moving forward.

Throughout the first six weeks together, new members have gradually joined the Committee composition. The first immediate priority was the execution and delivery of the 2021 TBA NSW State Championships and Roll Off’s.

This critical event commenced on the weekend with the TBANSW Disability Championships and State Team Roll Off’s. The Committee has witnessed outstanding outcomes across participation with over 151 total entries, 206 individual entries and a total of 567 games bowled across the first two days at the States event.

The TBANSW State Advisory Committee includes key members with representation across the sport’s core elements, including registered bowling participation, membership, coach education and development, disability and inclusion, and operational governance.

The following key members are part of the TBANSW State Advisory Committee:

  • Cherrie Dinham
  • Geoff Bowness
  • Maralyn McLeisch
  • Jim Bakirtzidis
  • Denielle Clifton
  • James Shewring
  • Robert Baker
  • Steve Smith
  • Brittny Lee Turipa
  • Susanne Charlesworth
  • Lesley Constable

“We are calling on expressions of interest for increased support and engagement with the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee” said State Development Manager Jalen Timms. “We will continue with the further establishment and development of this committee structure by welcoming increased participation by key members across the TBA NSW state membership network and structure”.

In coming weeks, tenpinnsw.org.au will be releasing information profiling each of our individual members of the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee, allowing you to get to know these members a bit better. The Committee will also share exciting initiatives and aspects of work they have worked on and completed as part of the outcomes that have been achieved for the state association thus far.

If you would like to hear more about the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee or if you would like to get involved, we would like to hear from you!

To enquire regarding the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee and find out more regarding this group, please email TBA NSW State Development Manager on [email protected]