State Advisory Committee Profile – Denielle Clifton

By Matt Stevens
February 23, 2021

Established in December 2020, The TBA NSW State Advisory Committee is a state leadership structure made up of various members from across the Tenpin Bowling community. The Committee is devoted to providing high-level support, leadership, and direction across several essential sporting and organisational portfolio areas within the state of NSW. will be profiling members of the newly established Committee to highlight some of the key people who have put their hand up to help the sport progress within the state.

This week we profile Denielle Clifton.

Who are you? – tell us a little bit about your background across the sport in NSW

I am a mum of three children, two of whom were involved in bowling in 2013 as part of a social league.  From there, my youngest daughter Samantha decided she wanted to learn more about the sport, and that’s where it all began for me.  It started with Sam joining leagues at our local bowling centre, participating in Bowler of the Month, Warners Bay State Inter Centre, Youth/Junior Invitational, Nationals and the list keeps going.  We have had some great opportunities and had the advantage of visiting places we may not have had the chance to see. 

To be able to support Sam with her goals I have had to take the time to understand the sport, and as part of this I have involved myself as Secretary/Treasurer for the Youth/Junior Invitational League for a couple of years now and have had the pleasure of watching the League develop with time.

What active roles do you currently look after, engage in, or participate in driving outcomes across the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee?

As volunteers, we are currently providing ideas and opinions on important matters in organising the upcoming State Championships and Roll Off’s.  We were able to achieve a lot in the six-week period we had to make this year’s State Championships happen.  The process is new to us all in the Committee, but we were not fazed with the challenge. 

Each and every one of us has provided snippets of knowledge based on our past experiences.  We have made decisions as a group with the benefit of members in mind whilst ensuring transparency and respect in the process.  Currently, we are building the foundation for a better TBANSW.  Soon, we would like to get members’ involvement in rebuilding our sport.

What are some of the key aspects of the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee group including key tasks, projects, and areas of leadership, member support, and governance?

We have a few things we have our eyes on.  This includes:

·        Athlete development from the grassroots

·        Coaching education and training

·        Better marketing/promotion for our sport

·        Acquire sponsors.

·        Initiate fundraising activities.

·        Ensure transparency across the board.

·        Encourage members involvement.

·        Establish structured pathways for members to the next level.

·        Develop and organise events for all divisions and skill level.

What benefits does this Committee have and how will it positively drive the association of NSW tenpin bowling forward as we embark on the sport’s future?

The TBANSW Advisory Committee is here to serve the members and act on their behalf.  We listen.  We plan.  We act.  We are committed, devoted, and have taken on responsibilities for the future of our sport.  We have already shown this through the organisation and planning of this year’s State Championships.  We have a positive outlook for the future of tenpin bowling in NSW with great ideas we want to put into action for the benefit of its members.

Who is welcome to engage with the Committee and provide knowledge, expertise, insight, and advice to?

One of our goals is to reinvigorate member participation in all aspects of tenpin bowling. 

What we want to achieve is for the benefit of all TBANSW members.  To better understand the needs of athletes, we encourage them to put forward their positive opinions and brilliant ideas for the future of tenpin bowling in NSW.  We all have our own fair share of disappointments and frustrations from the previous regimes, but we cannot continue living in the shadows of the past.  We need to move on and embark on a new journey together to drive exceptional outcomes for our sport.

How often does the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee meet?

Currently, we meet once a week; however, we communicate almost daily as we action plans.

If you would like to hear more about the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee or if you would like to get involved, we would like to hear from you!

To find out more regarding this group, please email TBA NSW State Development Manager on [email protected]