Host Centre Named for TBANSW State Events

By Matt Stevens
January 28, 2021

The host centre of the upcoming TBANSW State Championships and State Team Roll Off’s has been determined.

Tenpin Bowling Australia and the TBANSW State Advisory Committee are proud to announce that Tenpin City Lidcombe will host the 2021 TBA NSW State Championships and State Team Roll Off’s in February and March 2021.

The tender process received a collection of applications from across the state to host the events which required careful consideration from the Committee. In the end, Tenpin City was the unanimous victor after voting was conducted by the current TBANSW State Advisory Committee.

Tenpin City

Tenpin City Lidcombe will be allocated with the TBANSW State Championships and State Team Roll Off’s host rights for 2021. As announced last week, the schedule of these events can be found below:

The TBANSW State Advisory Committee would like to thank all centres that provided applications for the tender process.

Congratulations once again to Tenpin City for their successful application. TBA and TBANSW State Advisory Committee look forward to supporting your centre in delivering a high-quality event experience for all members and participants involves.

Further details will be provided shortly.

Tenpin City

Lidcombe Shopping Centre

92 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe NSW 2141

Phone: (02) 9737 8044