2020 NSW Disabilities Teams

By pcalder
January 17, 2020

Dear Disability Bowlers and Supporters of NSW

The 2020 NSW Disabilities Teams are as announced at the roll-offs and this is official confirmation of these teams.  The reasons  for the long delay in making the teams official are because there was an issue that needed to be resolved concerning some averages then for reasons only know to the Disabilities Sub-Committee the results of the roll-offs were only released to the Board recently.

The Board would like to apologise to the Teams and the Disabilities community for this unacceptable situation and is working on the underlying problems to prevent this happening again.

Open Team Restricted Team
Mitchel MearesKatelyn Smith
Adam MandaranoLachlan Pollard
Waldemar SzczgielSamantha Wylie
Anthony TurnbullAdam Richardson
Jenna Webb Jarad Donaldson
James Sitters Joshua Smith
Kallan StrongAdrian Smith

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